Creating job opportunities for the unemployed youth

Our projects create green jobs for unemployed young people from disadvantaged areas in cities across Europe.

Maj: "Calm waters" av Concreto street art, ett av vinnarbidragen i 21 km Konst, målades upp av våra deltagare vid Musikens hus i Majorna

Making neighbourhoods more beautiful by painting murals

The project gives young adults the opportunity of making their neighbourhood more beautiful by painting beautiful murals or other works of art on canvas, all under the supervision of a skilled painter or artist. In this way, the participating youth and their neighbourhood get positive feedback and attention. And we know that this helps increase their motivation and break free from unemployment.

Work and integration

We create green job opportunities for unemployed youth from disadvantaged areas in cities across Europe. Inclusion and integration is a cornerstone of the project. We find meaningful job opportunities in the creative field of painting for those who need them the most.

Work-based learning

The project is often run in areas with a high concentration of immigrants and where the unemployment rate is also high. Young people in these areas often need a task, like painting a mural, in order to find the inspiration for obtaining more knowledge. While getting important work-based learning, these youth are able to simultaneously use their painting skills to make their neighbourhoods more beautiful. Moreover, our intensive courses in Cool Roofing for students at practical high schools provide them with valuable skills within a growing sector.

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