23 km of art

Coloring the city while creating job opportunities

Since 2014 and onwards, we have – Sätt färg på Göteborg, painted works in 21 km Konst. As the name suggests, 21 kilometer long bike path that moves between Kulturhuset Blå stället in Angered, down through the city, with a final destination at Röda sten Konsthall. The route has since then expanded as more art works have been added. Thus, “21” km of art became “23” km.

The route is mainly a collection of murals, but also of ground paintings, painted birdhouses and pimped wastepaper baskets. Most of the works were created by us via the international art competition Gothenburg art 21, where anyone could enter a work and vote. In total, the competition generated ten “gold winners” painted by our participants who are training to become professional painters. Two “diamond winners” were also crowned.

They were given the opportunity to come to Gothenburg and paint their works themselves. In addition to these 12 works, several others have been created with the help of sub-projects such as the Youthpower exchange programme (2019/2020), the ground painting project What do you want to say to the world? and several paintings for Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary in spring 2021.

In addition to our own works, the stand also collects works created by other actors such as Artscape and Hammarkullen 365. All the works below are shown in geographical order – from Kulturhuset Blå stället down to Röda Sten Konsthall.

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