Sweden’s climate transformation was in focus during the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova’s conference day

Sweden’s climate transformation was in focus during the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova’s conference day

The 17 projects that were granted funding from “Civil Society Solutions for Climate Change” in June 2022 and relevant colleagues at Vinnova participated in a conference at Vinnova’s premises in Stockholm on 10 October. During the day, the participating projects exchanged experiences with each other. The agenda also included lectures where participants learned more about how to best use social media for professional purposes and how to effectively identify, measure and present the impact of their project ideas.

In June 2022, the Gothenburg project Environment & Work, funded by Vinnova, the Swedish Innovation Agency, started under the call “Civil society solutions for climate change”. The call is one of Vinnova’s initiatives aimed at achieving Sweden’s goal of becoming the world’s first fossil-free welfare country. The ambition is for Sweden to have achieved zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. Sara Hugosson at Vinnova believes that a collective effort involving a number of organisations and companies is necessary for Swedish society to be able to complete a full climate transition.

Historically, civil society’s capacity to mobilise and break new ground has been crucial for social change at critical times. Many social services that we take for granted today, such as home care, childcare and pharmacies, spring from civil society innovations. It is a capacity for innovation that we need to harness to meet the climate challenge.

Sara Hugosson, Vinnova

The aim of the Environment & Work project is to spread awareness of global warming and to create green jobs for young people that counteract its effects. The project also contributes to building community resilience to climate change such as heat waves and heavy rainfall. Environment & Work’s Project Manager Amelia Äbelö and Project Coordinator Ahmed Bayati were on site together with Program Manager Jonny Paulsson from Vinnova.

The sixteen other organisations with projects funded by Vinnova through the call together with us:

  • Omställningsnätverket
  • Global Utmaning
  • Hela Sverige Ska Leva X-Ing Gävleborg
  • Svenska Röda Korsets Centralstyrelse
  • Karlstads Stift
  • Hållbar Utveckling Skåne
  • Mölle By- & Kulturförening
  • Svenska Naturskyddsföreningen
  • Stiftelsen Sunderby Folkhögskola
  • Härlundabygden AB (svb)
  • Dals-Långeds Utvecklingsråd
  • Svenska Klimatsekretariatet AB (svb)
  • MiljöMatematik Malmö AB
  • ElectriCITY Innovation ek för
  • Riksföreningen Sveriges Stadsmissioner
  • Skjutsgruppen Ideell Förening