Hilma Nordén brings color to Slakthuset

Hilma Nordén brings color to Slakthuset

During the week, Hilma Nordén has created a mural entitled Warm in hay and straw, dreaming of the night in Slakthuset, which, thanks to property owner Higab, has been transformed into a creative area with restaurants, breweries, urban farming and coworking spaces for artists and craftspeople, among other things. We have organised the art project in collaboration with Higab. The ambition is that the artwork will delight visitors to the area and help to attract more people to the area. On Thursday 6 October, Higab held a vernissage where Hilma’s mural was unveiled in front of the guests.

During the week, we took the opportunity to find out more about Hilma Nordén and her art. We also had the opportunity to ask questions about her creative process and her tips for aspiring artists. Hilma is an artist who works with an exploration of culture’s creation of nature, folklore, of notions of magic, of the place of the forest in our modern society. There is more to the forest than just planted trees, and she wants to explore contemporary and historical beliefs in the story of the forest through her art. Hilma grew up in production forests and when she returns to places that were important in her childhood, they are often gone. A forest that she has come to know as a living individual, not just a place, can suddenly be cut down. It’s like the passing of a loved one without a funeral or memorial service. When she paints, it is with matte vinyl paint, and sometimes the paint is allowed to run as it pleases under a texture of fur, and in sculptural work she often chooses textile materials. She wants to paint tributes, to create works in memory of the lost ecosystems that are silently cut down in shifts every day and night, this constant sawing that is always rumbling. In this way, Hilma’s work also becomes self-portraits of herself, as it is her relationship to her world that is depicted. There are also occasional depictions of human-like figures, which she believes to be herself, that recur in her art. Hilma likes the physical, the tactile and the living.

What does this artwork mean to you?

-The motif consists of a horse and a cow playing together with two women among plants. It seems that cows and women have had a close relationship historically, as it was usually the woman in the family who milked the cow in the past. I’ve never painted cows or worked in this area before, so I’m excited to be involved in this art project!

Do you have any tips for young artists who want to get to where you are?

– Go to preparatory art school! It doesn’t have to be a long art course at university, but it’s important to give yourself time to explore art full-time. You need time to discover yourself as an artist, learn the terminology, figure out what kind of creation you’re passionate about and most importantly to practice as much as possible! I went to art school for 4 years and thought I knew what I wanted to do when I started but over time that changed. It takes a long time to figure out what you are passionate about and I think the most important thing is to practice without thinking too much. Art books and exhibitions are also good tools to find the right one.